“Reality hack !!”

“Your present reality and circumstances do not dictate your future, your beliefs about your potential and the possibilities open to you do!”

“You have the potential to take your life in any direction you please because we are constantly creating our own reality every day….but you will get the same results over and over if you continue to do the same thing. “

“Things may appear static and fixed but trust me…they aren’t.”

“Change happens quickly when you introduce a ‘pattern interrupt’, a new hobby or behaviour, a change in perspective that you act upon, a new habit….it could be anything!”

“When you change your behaviour and expectations, then the ‘reality’ around you MUST change…it is the way that physical life works!

“So DARE to do that new thing!!”

“Let me know what you try!!!”

☆The Emperor☆

☆ ATU 1V ☆


“Sun of the morning, chief among the mighty”

Zodiacal Trump of Leo.

(Mars rules, Sol exalted)

Hebrew letter: Tzaddi (fish hook)

Tree of life: Path 28, joining 7=Netzach-Victory, to 9=Yesod-Foundation.


Mastery of the will over nature, a sense for law and order, plan and structure


Creation, recognition, stability, realism, responsiveness.


Despotism, selfcomplacancy, poorness of feelings, lack of fantasy; rationalism as a prison.


“The body of the Emperor forms a triangle and a cross.”

“This is because he is representing the alchemical symbol of Mercury “

“The Emperor is one of the three alchemical Trumps in the Thoth deck.”

“Mercury is THE MAGUS, THE EMPRESS is Salt and THE EMPEROR is sulfur. This may seem as little more than obscure abstraction: However, when we consider that THE MAGUS, (Philosophic Mercury) acts upon THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Pure Consciousness) and by Union they are transformed into THE EMPEROR (Sulfur) and THE EMPRESS (Salt), we are actually considering the quite basic attributes of our own consciousness.”

“The majestic and masculine image of the Emperor Thoth Tarot shows his direct and active behavior with a constant expansion to new areas of rule. The deepest nature of him is expressed by a tight and balanced order. This corresponds to the ability of self-control or self-development (the outward direction), whereby all unimpeded life flows will be oriented in a fixed direction. The process of comprehension and real planning is attracted to this place.”

“He is the Male fiery energy of the Universe, the Rajas of Hindu philosophy, swift creative energy, the initiative of all being!

“So what does it mean to draw him in a reading?”

“He symbolizes creativity, and is usually the herald of a new enterprise, promising project or phase of life in the material realm, and he can also represent new realization and insights on unfamiliar things, and dramatic revelations!”

“His power must be used for transformation, or you may experience his shadow side, this is a burning purifying energy and must have a forward fluid movement or the structure of the Emperor’s realm petrifies and his influence becomes frozen and despotic!”

“Resistance to flow can topple this bad boys reign!”

“He must rule by serving!”

( Many thanks to Lon Milo DuQuette, Gerd Ziegler, Aleister Crowley and Tarot of Eli for the beyond fabulous source material!!!)

Aly Rose Yantra,

☆Your magikal life coach!☆

Mirror mirror….

Become one with the omnipresent love of the Universe….like a flower that gives it scent to all without exception….a silent ecstasy of the heart…a cosmic orgasm. Allow yourself to feel and experience the joy that is always available to you at every moment….become receptive and let it in….you are the heart of the lotus….

You are always held and guided….allow it.

Hello Dreamer…..

Hello dreamer.

You are the dreamer of your dream.
All of it.
The inability to make money.
The bills, the anxiety, the heartache, the ‘stuck’ feeling, the lying in bed when you know that you could make the day into much more, the constant longing for another life, another self, the dreaming and then telling yourself that actually you could never have that life, that house, that career …..and you let yourself off the hook and then you feel pain because a part of you….the greater eternal part of you that laughs and knows all things and loves this dream…this game…knows that you CAN have it. Be it. Do it.

Let yourself feel the juicy delicious truth in these words and realise that you are indeed the dreamer, the author of your own unfolding story, the conductor of your own beautiful and intricate symphony, and you can change the music whenever you want….just like that.

Hello dreamer….care to dream a new dream?

Aly Rose Yantra.
“Your magikal life coach!”

*source of image unknown *
*know it? Drop it in the comments *

Holy guardian angel ritual

I thought I would share some of my work with you guys, so you can get a better understanding of what I do, and what I can teach YOU to do!!!

Please feel free to use it if it resonates with you.


A daily gratitude offering to call in and forge strong connection with your future magikal self.

Create a small altar to represent your heart space and all the desires that you wish to enchant for.

Found items from nature,such as stone, feathers, pinecones and anything that you find pleasing from the body of the Mother Gaiia (the spirit of the planet Earth) are perfect.

To represent spirit you can use crystals and semi precious stones such as opalite and crystal.

If you own a crystal ball or scrying mirror then these may also be placed on the altar.
I have a birds nest upon my altar that I found while out walking last winter!

Pick a time of day that is suitable for you…I prefer morning just after my coffee but it’s entirely up to personal choice…the perfect time is a time that’s perfect for you!

The ritual and invocation are as follows …

Find a receptacle to represent your spirit…a crystal glass, goblet or small bowl will do…

Fill it to just under the brim with fresh water ( I use water from a flask with flourite stone but this is entirely optional) and place it at the forefront of your altar.

Light some good incense, centre yourself and relax.

Address your sacred self thus while directing your attention to the water:

‘I offer this water in gratitude in symbol of my sacred genius self, the deamonic, magically powerful part of myself that is connected to both the world soul and my higher self.

Hear me!

I reach out to you in gratitude and dedication….I desire a united will, please grant me access to the wisdom of all my incarnations past, present and future, so that I may make the unconscious conscious and have an awareness of my motivations in the material realm and shape my outer reality according to my true desire!

I seek knowledge and conversation with my true Angel!!

I seek this in gratitude and love, light and divine wisdom!

The above invocation is purely a template, and the supplicant is encouraged to use their own personal one if they so wish.

Do this every day at around the same time and be open to portentous events, signs and dreams.

May your sacred genius bless you with inspiration.

Aly Rose Yantra,
Witch and ceremonial magician.
☆ Your magikal life coach ! ☆

Jupiter night

Oh great Jupiter!!

Lord of the manifest material realm!

Please accept these gifts and libations
Provided by you yourself

As you are the giver of all good gifts and perfect presents!

We approach you humbly

We ask that you continue to furnish us with a continued income and increase!

We thank you for your presence and we acknowledge the many blessings that you have bestowed upon our house.

Hail Jove!!

Aly Rose Yantra

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